Long Island Baby Photographer

Long Island Baby Photographer

International newborn photography association

Everyone loves babies especially me! As a mother of three myself, I understand the trust you must have with someone handling your baby. Be it a newborn or toddler, safety must be the number one concern.

Newborn sessions are best under 10 days old, for the super cute curled up positions. We can incorporate themes into your session that are related to your career, or hobby. Sessions are available at your house so you do not need to travel.  This can also have a calming effect on older siblings who can take breaks in their own surroundings.  Call me to schedule an appointment.


Your Baby is only a Newborn for a few days. A newborn portrait session costs less than the average cell phone, but your images last forever, and your cell phone will need to be replaced in a year.

…Just food for thought.


Proud member of International Association of Newborn Photographers